Working environment with respect for the individual

Working environment and health are important components in a well-functioning company that respects each employee. Barslund generally offers our employees good, safe and flexible working conditions. We allow our employees to have an influence. We give them responsibility and the experience of being part of a good team. They are given exciting and stimulating assignments that allow room for growth, both professionally and personally.

Everyone is seen and heard. We acknowledge all employees’ efforts. Therefore we also work with Work/Life Balance, because employees with a healthy work/life balance get the best results.

We have also developed a Workplace Evaluation (WPE) for the company as a whole.
In addition, we conduct satisfaction surveys every two years where management, the business and the working environment are rated on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest score). The goal is to have an average of at least 3.75 amongst all permanent employees.

All employees are automatically enrolled in health insurance at the start of their employment. The health insurance covers all kinds of treatment, both physical and mental in nature.
In addition, Barslund uses an external coach whom employees can contact through HR as needed. If required, employees can contact the HR department.

Naturally, a good working environment includes safety as well.

Read more about our safety policy here