At Barslund we embrace the future. We have our own Surveying Department, which pushes our surveying to the next level, namely with 3D, 4D and 5D.

By converting the developer’s working drawings to advanced 3D, 4D or 5D models, Barslund’s own surveying department addresses the assignment in a unique way that none of the old measuring and construction methods can compete with.

The material is uploaded directly to the GPS/GNSS system of each machine. This allows the operator to check the monitor in the cabin at any time and ensures that he follows the proper
co-ordinates, lines and levels accurately during the construction work.

The method provides precision performance with accuracies within one centimetre. Construction contract projects such as excavation, sewerage and surface work are hence completed more quickly, more efficiently and with less labour and with far fewer errors.
This saves time and reduces your costs. As for safety, it also means fewer people around large machinery during construction.

One can continuously enter data into the machine and change the project along the way.
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