In the traffical infrastructure field, we have specialized in the following areas:

  • Large infrastructure constructions
  • Road constructions
  • Railways
  • Crash barriers
  • Bridges

At Barslund we have specialized in carrying out complex infrastructure tasks on a large scale, putting a wide range of our competencies into play. Among other projects, we have performed some of the largest highway and railway projects in the country and we have developed a systematic project management system to ensure optimal processes for individual projects. Whether the project involves the execution of elements such as bridge, road, rail, asphalt or pedestrian work, Barslund represents a dynamic and proactive partner with a clear understanding for, and focus on communication and coordination.

We are careful to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and technology, partly because we can continuously develop the use of technical solutions in the field of intelligent machine control, but also as a part of the development of processes for more optimal execution. Hence, our skilled employees are equipped with the latest technology and they are experts in optimizing and organizing the work of the machines. We participate as a competent contractor in the project planning and execution phase as often as possible.

You can see our traffical infrastructure references here