Client: North Water A / S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 7.8 million.
Construction period: 2010
Engineer: Ramboll A / S



Existing sewer in Vadbro for connection to overflow in Ericavej and overflow pipe to Vangede Trench, has too little capacity. In order to improve the capacity of the line is at approximately the first 400 m from the connection in Vadbro to station area established a new sewer slightly higher and parallel to the existing V800 Sewer. From the Station Area and downstream of the existing V800 sewer replaced with larger wires in the dimension Ø1200 to Ø1600 mm.

Key figures
  • 850 m concrete pipes Ø1200-Ø1600
  • 9 pcs. concrete wells
  • 7,000 tonnes removal of earth
  • 1,300 m² asphalting

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