Aarhus Light Rail

Client: Aarhus Letbane
Type of Contract: Main Contract
Contract sum: DDK 28,5 mio
Construction period: 2014-2018
Engineer: Rambøll A/S and COWI A/S



Barslund is the main contractor for several of the contracts at Aarhus Letbane.

During the period, 2014-2015 Barslund performed the preparatory work for Aarhus light rail on the route Brendstrupgårdsvej-Herredsvej.

The work was carried out primarily within the light rail track and included establishment of workplaces, establishment of cattle storage, excavation for light rail trains and handling of contaminated soil. In addition, cable and cable refurbishments, drainage works, and the installation of support walls and piles.

In the period 2017-2018, Barslund will construct the new light rail stations – Hessel Station and Thorsager Station. The stations are established along the existing route between Aarhus and Grenå. In addition to the stations, Barslund also adjoin the adjacent areas with a turning point, parking and sidewalks.

In addition to being the main contractor, Barslund was a subcontractor for GCF Denmark on the establishment of the light railroad at Nørrebrogade. Here, Barslund performed the preparatory work in the infrastructure package. The work involved the establishment of light rail, signage and signage portals, new lane marking and conversion of sidewalks, cycle paths, lanes, etc.

Aarhus Letbane is part of the future infrastructure, and in Aarhus city center, a significant part of the city space, which creates a definite atmosphere in the city.

Key figures

• 400 tons of breakdown of asphalt/coatings
• 10,000 m³ muldjordsarbejder
• 20,000 m³ earthworks
• 5,000 m³ lime stabilization
• 5,000 m³ soft soil work
• 6,000 m² stable gravel worker
• 6,000 m² ballast cutter
• 18,300 m² floor protection work
• 13,500 m² asphalt worker
• 17 pcs. lampposts
• 1,500 m² support wall
• 500 m² piling
• 360 m adjustment of track
• 3,500 m³ excavation
• 4.600 m³ friction fill
• 450 m curbs
• 1,000 m² concrete tiles
• 3,660 m drainage
• 30 pcs. wells
• 200 m cable work
• 4,000 m square tiles
• 2,500 m sidewalk
• 4,500 m² pavement tiles
• 112 pcs. trees

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