Exit ramps – E20 Vemmedrup

Client: The Road Directorate
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DDK 14,7 mio.
Construction period: 2017-2018
Engineer: The Road Directorate



The exit ramp on E20, Vemmedrup, is mainly carried out by land, drainage, bottom securing, stable gravel, asphalt,paving, and marking work on two ramps, approx. 0.6 km.

Furthermore, the work also consists of a side extension of a southern bridge construction over the river Køge Å as well as demolition of property.

The ramp had planned to open in the fall of 2018, but was already opened in December 2017. This was done in close collaboration with the Road Directorate, where the order of tasks was changed and the exit rampsighting and signaling systems were done faster.

Key figures

● 14.000 m³ natural soil work
● 3.000 m³ removal of mold
● 5.000 m³ subbase work
● 1.500 m³ base gravel work
● 1.300 m³ soil classification
● 2.100 m dewatering work
● 800 m² cleaning of asphalt
● 1.500 ton asphalt work
● 3.500 m² surface treatment
● 700 m crash barriers
● 50 pcs. tablets
● 500 m marking of road
● 16.000 m² sowing of grass

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