Transport Wire Korsor – Vemmelev

Client: SK Service A / S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 7.5 million.
Construction period: 2009-2010
Engineer: Orbicon A / S



In connection with the establishment of a sanitary sewer in the cottage area from Næsby Strand to Bildsø Strand, there had to be established a transportational system for the wastewater from Næsby Strand through Vemmelev to Korsør WWTP. At the same time, parts of the existing pump installation from Vemmelev to Korsør WWTP was restructured. The contracts main features included the establishment of approximately 10 km Ø250 / Ø400mm delivery conduits, which by digging and by controlled drilling was completed with two pumping stations and 2 km Ø63 mm.

Key figures
  • 4.500 m Ø250 pressure line
  • 5.500 m Ø400 pressure line
  • 2 pcs. pumping stations
  • 2,000 m Ø63mm pressure line
  • 650 m directional drilling ø400
  • 1,300 m directional drilling ø250-ø160

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