Track Renewal Frederikssundsbanen

Bygherre: Banedanmark
Entrepriseform: Trade contract
Entreprisesum: 250 mio. DKK
Anlægsperiode: 2018
Rådgiver: Aktins



Barslund has constructed about 32 bridges and HEB-walls in relation to Frederikssundsbanen’s track renewal. Including membranes and ballast mats on several. Barslund also handled cable gutters, take care of laying cable ducts and establish drainage incl. passage of driving current masts.


● 14.000 m cable channels
● 600 m cable ducts
● 32 bridges
● 8.500 m drainage incl. passage of 200 catenary
● 121.850 tones soilwork
● 15.200 m³ base course of gravel
● 55.500 tones rail trackballast

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