Thorsbro Water Plant

Client: HOFOR A/S
Type of Contract: Subcontract
Contract sum: 26 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2020-2021
Engineer: Niras A/S and Krüger A/S


Site development for new water plant

In connection with the project, Barslund is responsible for the development of the new water plant at Thorsbro, which will replace the current plant. Barslund is responsible for excavating the construction pit, including sorting and handling of contaminated soil, establishing permanent and temporary piles, and excavating the rainwater basin.

Larger amounts of drainage work and installation of wells are being carried out, as well as discharge pipes to existing sludge beds and bog areas.

Pipes down to a depth of 6 meters were established, including the establishment and installation of clean water pipes.

The user in the center

The vision is to create a water plant that does not burden the environment unnecessarily which at the same time ensures high quality drinking water. With the new water plant, residents and consumers in Greater Copenhagen can look forward to softened water in the taps. The new water plant is expected to be completed in 2023.

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