The Horses Hill

Client: The Danish Road Directorate
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 14.6 million.
Construction period: 2009
Engineer: COWI A / S



The contract was a sub-contract of the expansion of the Kongenvejen(King’s Road) in Elsinore. The contract included the expansion of the King’s Road between Klostermosevej and Rønnebær Allé, from two lanes to three lanes. Furthermore, there was established shared paths and sidestrips on both sides of the road as well as setup of a new noise barrier, lighting, planting of trees and an extension of the existing path tunnel underneath the King’s Road.

Key figures
  • 4,000 m³ excavation work
  • 500 tons of contaminated soil class 2-3
  • 1,300 m drains
  • 1,500 m of sewers
  • 90 pcs. wells
  • 1,000 m³ base gravel work
  • 10,000 m² asphalting
  • 3,000 m curbs

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