The capital’s light rail, rerouting of cables

Client: Glostrup Forsyning A/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 98 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2018-2020
Engineer: Rambøll A/S


Framework agreement for rerouting of cables in urban areas
The 5 stages of the framework agreement include the demolition, renovation and rerouting of drinking water, rainwater, wastewater and district heating pipes, several of which have a low slope. Obtaining wiring information, applying for excavation permits and reviewing with road authorities. The wiring is carried out in urban and residential areas, and also includes traffic management, roadblocks and coordination / information for citizens and neighbors to the construction.

In addition, an excavation box is used on the project, just as in several cases sheet piles must be established close to buildings, which made great demands on compliance with vibrations. Cable dimensions include both PP, PE and BT wires from Ø63 and up to Ø1000. In addition, tunneling is included in the task as well as controlled drilling for water and district heating pipeline, including 240 meter controlled drilling of a Ø630 pipeline, shooting of pipelines, pipe bursting, relining, pressure tests, cleaning and disinfection, TV inspection and water and leak testing. A 120-meter concrete basin was established in tailor-made box profiles. This special solution was carried out due to lack of space in relation to existing lines in Hovedvejen.

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