Storstrøms Bridge

Client: Vejdirektoratet
Type of Contract: Underentreprise
Contract sum: DKK 76 mio.
Construction period: 2018-2019
Engineer: COWI A/S



Land development for construction site and hangers
The project included land development at Masnesdø in relation to the construction of Storstrøms Bridge. The work included roads, supplies and pavement for the upcoming construction site including offices and halls for fabrication of elements for the upcoming bridge.

The project also included initial earthwork for a new tunnel as well as earthwork for a major lowering of the new 1.500-meter railway line. As a result, a driving dam was established.

As part of the taks, Barslund established a new access road to a temporary shipping quay. Sand was built in and filled with stones and sheet piles were installed.

One company project
Barslund carried out the Storstrøm project in collaboration with the sister companies, MH (technical work), Shoulders (sheet piling), Zøllner (sand and stonework) and Spotland (BIM/VDC/surveying).


● 273.000 m³ earthwork
● 35.600  m² asphalt
● 23.000 m² gravel coatings
● 8.200 m² concrete coating
● 30.000 m Ø100-Ø200 conduit-cables
● 3.400 m district heating cables
● 3.900 m drainage pipes
● 1.350 m sewerage pipes
● 2.000 m drinking water line
● 15.000 m² geotextile
● 6.000 tones of stone 100-500 kg
● 7.500 tones of stone 60-300 kg
● 140.000 m³ true fill
● 3.180 sheet piling
● 82.000 m³ incorporation of sand
● 3.000 m³ removal of wavebreaker
● 3.000 m³ establishment of wavebreaker

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