Solrødgård wastewater treatment plant

Client: Hillerød Forsyning
Type of Contract: Subcontract
Turnkey contractor: Jakobsen & Blindkilde
Contract price: DDK 4.2 mio
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: Orbicon A/S



The contract includes the execution of ground and surface works for the new wastewater treatment plant at Solrødgård.

The majority of the plant will be covered and will appear as a six-meter-high hill seen from Lyngevej. Additionally, a green pedestrian road lead visitors down from the treatment plant’s two operating section from which to follow the cleaning process of wastewater without coming into contact with the dirty water.

Key figures

● 4,500 m³ excavation of top soil
● 75,100 m³ excavation for buildings
● 7,900 m³ installation of sand filling
● 1,000 m³ installation of shingle
● 9,100 m³ filling around the buildings with subsoil from custody
● 1,000 m³ installation of bottom gravel road
● 700 m³ installation of gravel for road
● 1,300 m³ installation of bottom gravel work road

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