Soil remediation, Roskilde Technical School

Client: Roskilde Technical School
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 3.0 million.
Construction period: 2011
Engineer: COWI A / S



The contract included the establishment of a new building at Roskilde School of Technology. The building was located on an old ballast pit area where a heavy oil pollution (1 to 5400 mg / kg) in the soil was discovered as well as a gasoline and toluene pollution in the soil interstice. Therefore it was necessary to have a soil remediation before the construction could start. The contract included handeling approximately 30,000 m3 of soil from clean to heavily polluted, which also had to be monitored, controlled and documented.

Key figures
  • 1,500 tonnes of oil content max. 300 mg / kg
  • 1,000 tonnes of oil content max. 301 to 500 mg / kg
  • 1,000 tonnes of oil content max. 501 to 1000 mg / kg
  • 300 tonnes of oil content max. 1001-1500 mg / kg
  • 500 tonnes of oil content max. 1.501 to 13,000 mg / kg
  • 15,000 tonnes excavation and grading of land
  • 100 ton heavy contaminated soil

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