Smørum Park Way Extension

Client: The Danish Road Directorate
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 22.0 million.
Construction period: 2014-2015
Engineer: The Danish Road Directorate



The contract is part of the 1220 Motorring 4 – Tværvej N which incorporates phase 2 of the Frederikssund high way.
The contract includes construction of the extension of the existing Smørum Parkvej. The extension includes a stretch of about 1.3 km two-lane road (one lane in each direction), the establishment of the roundabout on Smørum Parkvej and Skebjergvej, and connecting the extension road to Ledøje Toften. The work includes soil work, drainage-, coating and demolition work, two structures and equipment.

Key figures
  • 52,000 m³ excavation work
  • 26.100 m³ topsoil work
  • 8,000 m³ bottom protection work
  • 14,000 m² base gravel work
  • 2,800 m drainage work
  • 12,000 m³ asphalting
  • 1 pc. tunnel
  • 1 pc. bridge

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