Site development Ringsted

Client: Ringsted Kommune
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 60 mio. DKK
Construction period: k2019-2020
Engineer: Cowi A/S



Establishment of major commercial building development

The main contract for Ringsted Forsyning A/S, Ringsted Spildevand A/S and Ringsted Municipality deals with commercial development on a 136 hectare area on Jordemodervej for Business Park Ringsted, which borders the E20 motorway. The contract includes earthworks, including deep excavations, planum for new roads, establishment of supply lines as well as excavation and terrain regulation for four new rainwater basins.

In addition, re-profiling of Kværkeby brook as well as demolition of existing oil separator and pipe construction as well as establishment of two new oil separators and new construction under Jordemodervej in connection with crossing of Kværkeby brook are included.

The drainage work includes the restoration of rain and sewer lines, including the establishment of pumping stations and under-drilling under the west motorway for connection to the existing sewer system. Concrete pipes and other pipes were established in the dimensions Ø300-2000 as well as concrete wells up to Ø2000 in depths down to 7.5 meters. In addition, pumping stations were installed at a depth of 7 meters.

As a result of the land management, separate land hotels were initially set up in the project for the various land classifications in the project. Finally, trees and shrubs were planted as well as grass sown on larger green areas in and around rainwater basins.

Key figures

● 15,000 m² SGII gravel pad
● 10,000 m clearing work
● 2,600 tons paving asphalt
● 49,000 m³ clearance of soil
● 73,500 m² laying of soil
● 100,000 m³ topsoil work
● 8,565 tonnes contaminated soil at 1-4
● 41,400 m² grass sowing
● 6,500 m sewer lines
● 5,400 m drainage pipes
● 150 pcs. wells
● 2,500 m pressure line
● 250 road wells
● 115 lbm pilot pipe drilling Ø500
● 5,000 m granite curbs
● 5,670 m² membrane
● 35,500 m² bottom protection
● 40,000 m² SGII
● 28,000 m² asphalt work
● 20,000 m² shear mastic
● 19,000 pcs. planting work

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