Sewer Redevelopment Ringsted

Client: Sewer Redevelopment Ringsted
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 7.5 million.
Construction period: 2012
Engineer: Nielsen and Risager A / S



In connection with the sewer rehabilitation of Nørregade, Ringsted, a cutoff wire from Nørregade to an existing bassin was established , a separate drainage of part of Nørregade and a rebuilding of an existing distribution construction.

The sewer rehabilitation was conducted in a residential area.

Key figures
  • 20 pcs. rainwater wells
  • 4 pcs. wastewater wells
  • 2 pcs. common wells
  • 56 pcs. plug wells
  • 1,600 m conduit in ø160-600mm
  • 1,750 m² asphalting

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