Sewer, Allegade Haslev

Client: Faxe Forsyning A/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract price: kr. 9,4 mio.
Construction period: 2014



Establishing new about 750 meters rainwater and sewer in dia160 to 200 mm of water and up to dia800 rainwater starting at the junction Allegade / Sofiendalsvej in Haslev and up to the junction Allegade / Gammel Byvej. Furthermore, there must be adherence to existing well in Torvegade of waste water from the south sewer. Sewage Line northbound to connect already established pumping station in Allegade.

Key figures
  • 750 m dia160 PVC sewage
  • 750 m dia800 rainwater pipes
  • 29 pcs. concrete wells
  • 79 pcs. Dia315 PP/PE wells

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