Separation of water, District of Gentofte

Client: Novafos A/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DDK 32,8 mio.
Construction period: 2018-2019
Engineer: Niras A/S



Barslund is in charge of placing a new storm water pipe in the district of Gentofte. The storm water pipe’s purpose is to remedy the problem with floods at roads and basements. Under the construction, we will have close contact with the citizens, because our work is placed just outside their windows. Because of that, it is important for the contractor and us to create good communication with the citizens.

Barslund is also making the drain plug and changeover of road gullies for the new storm water pipe.

Furthermore, Barslund is in charge of establishment of drain plug to boundary cesspool, reorganization of existing systems by point digging up, complementary TV-inspections, connecting on cut off tunnel cables etc.

Key figures
  • 4.700 m cable works
  • 110 pcs wells
  • 260 pcs changing over of road gullies
  • 210 pcs road gullies to change
  • 75 pcs drain plug to boundary cesspool

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