Separation of surface water in the Strandvejs area

Client: Novafos A/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 33 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2018-2021
Engineer: Niras A/S


Wiring work in an urban environment
The project included the separation of surface water in the Strandvejs area, including the breaking up and restoration of pipe trenches, breaking up and establishment of pavements as well as excavation work for other supply lines, including gas and district heating.

The pipeline work involved the establishment of smaller and larger plastic and concrete pipelines, including Ø1200 PE pipelines and Ø1000 concrete pipelines, wells up to the dimension Ø1250.

In addition, existing road drainage from the common system to the new rainwater pipes and wells, establishment of plugs for boundaries, plugging of culverts and plug connections, remediation of the existing system by spot excavations and connection to the cutting tunnel line were carried out.

The project also includes controlled drilling (micro tunneling) and connection to buildings. Finally, TV inspections have been carried out.

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