Separation of road water in Taarbæk, Bomb Ground

Client: Lyngby Taarbæk Forsyning A/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DDK 2.1 mio.
Construction period: 2018
Engineer: EnviDan A/S



In the municipality of Lyngby Taarbæk, a ground known as The Bomb Ground (Bombegrunden) is located.
At The Bomb Ground Barslund has separated road water by placing a new storm water pipe in the ground. The storm water pipe is placed seven meters out in the sea and then follows the sea for about 25 meter. Out in the ocean the new storm water pipe is connected with the existing pipe.

To be able to work under dry conditions, we used a Water Tube as dam for the seawater.

The Bomb Ground got its name because German troops under World War 2 bombed a house on the ground, because they believed it was used by The Liberation Movement. Today the ground is protected.

Key figures
  • 90 m PE pipes
  • 40 concrete ballast bricks

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