Road work at Færgevej Vest, Femern

Bygherre: Femern
Entrepriseform: Main contract
Entreprisesum: kr. 12,5 mio.
Anlægsperiode: 2014
Rådgiver: Rambøll-Arup



As part of the preparations for the construction works for the bridge between “Femern” and Germany, “Færgevej” has to be broadened by an extending to the North. The road crosses over the highway and a wide railway area by two independent bridges. Both of these must be correspondingly extended north to make room for the road extension.
To make the interference in the surrounding urban areas as little as possible, it is decided that the extension in a northerly direction to be limited to support structure made as tight sheet piling.

  • 1.000 m³ top soil work
  • 5.000 m³ sub soil work
  • 19.500 m³ Building materials
  • 1.200 m pipe work
  • 17 stk. wells
  • 1.500 m³ Bottom protection
  • 1.000 m³ Base course work
  • 4.000 m² asphalt work
  • 325 m curb
  • 725 m traffic barriers
  • 28 stk. lighting poles and fixtures
  • 2.400 m² tight sheet piling
  • 30 stk. permanent ground anchors

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