Renovation of Værebro Source Space

Client: Copenhagen Energy
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 25.0 million.
Construction period: 2012-2013
Engineer: Viggo Madsen A / S



Copenhagen Energy has completed the renovation of “Værebro Kildeplads” which is converted from a siphonsystem to a submersible pump.
The work included the installation of new watersupply pipe from the 14 drillings, relining of existing wire and burial.
The connection to Islevbro Waterworks was connected in the basement of Værebro pumping station and was via Nybøll pumping station connected to Islevbro Waterworks. Driving roads were stabilized. The wells equipped with submersible pumps, pipes and valves and superstructure, etc.

Key figures
  • 1,500 m tramlines
  • 1 pc. reorientation of level crossing
  • 14 pcs. laterals
  • 1 pc. collection of Ø450 PE, SDR17 PW

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