Client: By og Havn I/S
Type of contract: Turnkey
Contract sum: DKK 88.6 mio.
Construction period: 2017
Engineer: EKJ



Establishment of construction pit 

The project included soil drainage for oil pollution and establishment of a construction pit at Redmolen in Nordhavn.

The assignment included breaking up coatings, spun, handling approx. 170.000 tonnes of contaminated soil, landfill and groundwater lowering.

After the purification, homes and commercial properties were built on the pier. The soil at Redmolen was heavily polluted. Therefore Barslund had to remove 66.000 tonnes of moderately/heavily polluted soil and 100.000 tonnes of highly contaminated soil.


● 8.500 tonnes break and removal of building constructions
● 500 m reduction of sheete pilling
● 100.000 tonnes of excavation of very heavily polluted soil
● 70.000 tonnes  of excavation of  moderate/heavily polluted soil
● 30.000 m³ incorporation of gravel
● 2.300 m establishment of PEL hoses Ø50
● 1.100 tonnes removal of asphalt
● 600 m removal of two set of railroad tracks

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