Reconstruction of Damhus Torv

Client: Rødovre Kommune
Type of Contract: Main Contract
Contract sum: DDK 18,8 mio.
Construction period: 2017-2018
Engineer: Rambøll A/S



Barslund is reconstructing Damhus Torv (Damhus Square) and rebuilding a section of Hvidovrevej and Roskildevej.

We are setting up signal systems and establishing new lighting as well as a new fountain.

The project consists of new roadbed, bike paths, lanes, rainwater pipes, wells, new signaling facilities, 2,500 m² floor space as well as clearance work and lighting work.

Key figures

● 6.000 ton driving away of soil
● 550 m wire work
● 65 pcs. wells
● 1.450 m³ subbase work
● 6.300 m² base gravel work
● 1.000 m² cobbles
● 160 m² chausses rocks
● 3.700 m² granite tiles
● 100 pcs. diverse fixtures
● 5.400 m² asphalt work
● 1 pcs. water element
● 70 pcs. signal installation

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