Randers Golf Club

Client: Randers Golf
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 4.0 million.
Construction period: 2010
Engineer: Golf Course Planning



The contract included, soilwork and grass seeding in connection to the establishment and transformation of 5. old holes and 1 lake on the golf course in Randers.
Of these, approximately 2,500 m2 green, about 2,000 m2 forgreen, about 1,250 m2 bunkers, approximately 6,000 m2 regulation of the fairway, and 7,000 m2 excavation of the island and purification of the area for the lake.
At the lake, Barslund purified the existing low land area, drove away various materials past a 6.800 m2 area. Subsequently, the marsh to the south was expanded by 1,100 m2.

Key figures
  • 1,300 m drainage work
  • 5,500 m soil treatment
  • 2,500 m² grass seeding green
  • 2,000 sq grass seeding forgreens
  • 6,000 m² grass seeding fairways

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