Pool, Kvistgård

Client: Elsinore Supply
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 6.0 million.
Construction period: 2010-2011
Engineer: Krüger A / S



Establishment of an underground concrete basin on approximately 1,600 m³. The basin was after execution covered with topsoil and sown with grass, so that only the covers were visible above ground. At the excavation for the basin, a  curtain of sheet piling was established, which guarantees the stability of the surrounding soil and partly reduces the need for lowering of the ground water. Establishment of an underground pipe basin in a public road area and the establishment of a new ø200mm discharge pipe. The work was done as a sub-contracter for MT Højgaard.

Key figures
  • 2,400 m² topsoil work
  • 8,000 m³ excavation work
  • 400 m drainage work
  • 1,600 m³ of excavation for underground pool
  • 1,200 m² of sheet piles
  • 250 m pipe pool island 80 bt
  • 15 pcs. wells
  • 3 pcs. concrete structures for pool conduits
  • 1,000 m² dismantling and restoration of asphalt

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