Parking lot, Rigspolitiet, Ejby

Client: Pension Danmark
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract price: DKK 4.7 mio
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: MOE A/S



Establishment of a new 5000 m2 Parking lot in the expansion of the National Police facilities in Glostrup. Construction of the parking lot was done before starting construction of the building.

In brief the work was costruction of the parking lot, roads, sidewalk, bike path, drainage, lighting masts and wells for power cables in terrain.

Key figures

● 6,500 m² topsoil work
● 3,800 m³ råjordsarbejder
● 1,500 m³ subbase works
● 3,000 m³ gravel works
● 5,000 m² asphalt work
● 300 m curbs
● 400 m² concrete surface
● 300 m drain line work, size 80-160mm
● 470 m rainwater pipes, size 110-160mm
● 24 pcs. wells
● 26 pcs. lighting columns

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