Odense Light Railway

Client: Odense Letbane P/S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DDK 77.5 mio.
Construction period: 2018-2019
Engineer: Odense Letbane P/S



Barslund has a large role in regards to the construction work for the new light railway in the city of Odense. The construction work consists of seven contracts, of which Barslund has won two: The section from Odense Station to Odense Sports Centre.

Odense Light Railway is about 14.5 km from Tarup in the North to Hjallese in the South. The section that Barslund is constructing is about 4.5 km long. Odense Light Railway will be finished and ready to run in the end of the year 2020.

Our construction work at the light railway consists of removal of existing roadways, bicycle paths and sidewalks. This is to make room for the railway, which will be an eight-meter wide area. The work also consists of a huge co-ordination work with the cable owners, because the railway section is filled with existing cables. Those cables shall either be replaced or removed.

The construction work for these two contracts are some of the most local and complicated ones on the whole railway stretch, which is making our job even more exciting.

Key figures
  • 14.500 m taking up of curbs
  • 31.000 m² taking up of existing covering
  • 21.500 m² covering
  • 17.200 m curbs
  • 1.100 m² chausses rocks
  • 2.900 m² grass covering rocks
  • 1.900 m² granite tiles

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