Noise barrier Svendborg

Client: Vejdirektoratet
Type of Contract:  Main contract
Contract price: DDK 6.9 mio
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: Vejdirektoratet



The contract “H205.02.45 Noise barriers along Sundbrovej, Svendborg” include the establishment of almost 700 m noise barrier along Sundbrovej, between the transmission of Høje Bøge vej and underpass of John Jørgensen’s Vej.

The contract includes the design of foundations and transparent elements.
The contract also includes traffic and clearing along the busy road.

Key figures

● 1,400 m³ sitestripping of mulch
● 1,000 m³ incorporation of raw land
● 3,500 m² grass seeding
● 852 m³ transparent noise barrier cassettes
● 143 pcs. wood trellises
● 145 pcs. pile foundation
● 143 pcs. concrete brittle
● 145 pcs. steel columns

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