Noise Barrier Gaps Slagelse

Client: Forsyning Ballerup A/S
Type of Contract:  Main contract
Contract price: DDK 7.2 mio
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: Enviclean



The contract includes replacement of separate sewer drainage system in the area of Egekrogen both sewage and storm water system replaced by excavation. At the same time we perform a renewal of service pipes from the main line up to the properties.

The work is carried out in a closed highway system, with soil depot up to conservation zone and natural protected zone.

Key figures

● 2,200 m² removing paving
● 1,200 m³ earth reinforcement
● 2,000 m² laying of nonwovens
● 6,000 m³ backfilling onto pipelines
● 2,700 m² restoration of grass
● 900 m³ sub base
● 900 m³ gravel
● 1,200 m² asphalt
● 1,900 m² surface
● 230 m sewage pipes dia200
● 110 m waste water pipes to pumping stations, dia110-200
● 160 m rainwater pipes, dia1000
● 250 m laterals
● 3 pcs. PP-well, dia600
● 7 pcs. concrete wells, dia1250
● 2 pcs. TV inspection
● 150 m leak test of dia110, dia200 and dia1000

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