Metro Cityring

Client: Metroselskabet
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DKK 115,9 mio.
Construction period: 2017-2019
Engineer: Metroselskabet



Barslund has established new forecourts on the Metro Cityring on below mentioned contracts. Each station has its own visual profile that matches the city space the station is located in.

Working in an urban area requires great focus on fencing and safety for the many passers-by. It was necessary to work with flexible solutions and backup plans as a result of working on a construction site with many other contractors.

The four contracts were for the stations:

Trianglen and Østerport Station
The project included soil, conduit and paving work, as well as large amounts of traffic changes. The wiring work included mainly rain and wastewater as well as lighting cables. The pavements mainly consisted of concrete and granite pavements.

We have carried out signal systems, established crossings in busy areas, established sidewalks and carried out minor planting tasks. An important part of the project was the handling and optimization of building site logistics, deliveries of materials and flexible shut-offs during the many phases of the project.

Rådhuspladsen and Gammel Strand
In connection with the establishment of new traffic light facilities at H.C. Andersens Boulevard, Barslund prepared traffic plans for daily traffic management, as well as for night and weekend work, which placed great demands on both coordination with the signal contractor and on the execution in narrow time windows.

In the process of restoring the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen), paving and planting of trees were carried out, while on Gammel Strand paving and concrete were performed in the arched compound.

Marmorkirken and Kongens Nytorv
This contract differentiated itself from the other contracts because the logistics were very complicated in relation to deliveries and others driving purposes.

Enghave Plads and Copenhagen Central station
At Enghave Plads, the old fountain was reestablished and a larger walnut tree was planted to replace the site’s historic chestnut tree.

Because the project was located on a busy part of Vesterbro with a lot of traders, residents and passers-by, Barslund did most of the paving and wiring work outside of peak hours.


● 376 wells
● 21.168 tons of earthwork class 1-4
● 3.072 tons of asphalt breakup
● 4.422 m pick-up and break-up of coatings
● 8.005 m wire work
● 1.795 m² gartnermacadam
● 11.817 m² pavings
● 289 bike racks
● 136 trees
● 35  benches
● 1.250 m² granite tiles
● 1.450 m² copenhagen tiles
● 1.350 m² long paving slabs
● 25.250 m² gravel
● 5.000 m² promenade stones

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