MetNord, Nordhavnen

Client: Metroselskabet
Type of Contract: Sub contract
Contract price: DKK 17.9 mio
Construction period: 2015
Main contractor: Züblin A/S



This contract covers the earthworks for excavating of Nordhavn station and the ramp up from City railroad line toward North Harbour – CRNH12.

The contract includes the excavation and backfilling of ramp for underground tunnel at the station and transfer tunnel at Nordhavn st. and shaft by Krauseparken st.

Key figures

● 34.700 m³ disposal of soil
● 51,100 m³ disposal of sand / clay
● 7,800 m³ disposal of limestone
● 2,700 m³ installation of sand filling
● 14,700 m³ of earth fill from storage
● 2,100 m³ drainage layer

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