Lead Conversion, Frederikssund High way

Client: HOFOR A / S
Type of Contract: Partnering
Contract sum: kr. 6.0 million.
Construction period: 2012
Engineer: Krüger A / S



The project involved the reconstruction of two crude-water pipeline from Nybølle pumping station and “Kilde XI” which was affected by the establishment of Frederikssund high way Stage 2.
The project was carried out as a partnering between Barslund, the builder and the consultant. The work was perfomed jointly on the project in order to minimize costs and optimize the technical solutions.
The project was a great success and both the budget and timetable was respected.

Key figures
  • 640 m Reorganization of ø300mm crude water pipes
  • 30 m Reorganization of ø560mm crude water pipes
  • 2 pcs. Extension of tunnels

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