Kyndbyværket – Coast- and climate protection, DONG

Client: DONG Energy Thermal Power A/S
Type of Contract:  Main contract
Contract price: DKK 11.8 mio
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: Rambøll A/S



The storm “Bodil” in 2013 caused extensive damage to the coasts and buildings on Kyndbyværket.

This contract includes repairing the damage, securing the system against future damage and hightening the damaged stone’s throw s and wave screens. In addition, the performance of new guards and seals in future flood situations to prevent flooding of the technical installations at Kyndbyværket.

Key figures

● 1,000 m³ sand filling
● 2,500 tons of gravel / sand
● 3,300 m² geotextile
● 750 ton hand stone 80-150mm
● 5,000 tons of filter stone 60-300kg
● 7,000 ton capstone 1.000-3.000kg
● 170 m² installation of sheet piles
● 150 m³ gravel works
● 600 m³ asphalt works
● 60 m concrete wall

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