Køge Hospital

Client: Itinera A/S
Type of Contract: Trade contract
Contract sum: 17 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2019
Engineer: Itinera A/S


Development work for the upcoming super hospital

The contract included earthworks and drainage work for the future super hospital in Køge, including earthworks for pile foundations and dry maintenance of the construction pit with suction point and pumping system. In addition, geotextile was laid for the pile foundation, 7,400 m of drainage pipes were established and more than 200 wells were installed.

In total, approximately 218,000 m³ of earth and stable gravel work was carried out, including handling and classification of contaminated soil, soil stabilization and backfilling.

Due to the large volumes of land, great focus was needed on land logistics.

During the execution of the task, it was also a requirement to keep the fire road open continuously, which also placed high demands on the space logistics.

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