Demolition of Bridge 79,00

Client: Vejdirektoratet
Type of contract: Main contract
Contract price: DKK 1.0 mio
Construction period: July 10-12th 2015
Engineer: COWI A/S



Demolition of bridge 79.00 is part of the expansion of Køge Bay Motorway Entreprise 4, preparatory work.

The work consisted of milling of asphalt / diaphragm, roofing of protective concrete and environmental protection of PCB and lead overhead protection hazardous waste. This was done Thursday and Friday. The demolition itself takes place in 2 stages. Demolition of the first stage took place on Friday evening until Saturday morning. The second stage was conducted Saturday evening to Sunday morning.

Demolition incl. conversion of traffic was completed in 31 hours

Key figures

● Demolition of 800m² highway bridge
● Milling of asphalt and bitumen membranes
● 2100 T of concrete
● 100 T of asphalt
● 130 T of iron reinforcement
● 40 T of bitumen membrane
● 5 T of car monitor with PCB / lead