KBH Nordhavn, New custems guard

Bygherre: By & havn I/S
Entrepriseform: Main contract
Entreprisesum: kr. 3,1 mio.
Anlægsperiode: 2013
Rådgiver: NIRAS A/S



The Customs Guard in Copenhagens North harbour, “Nordhavnen”, had to be moved to the corner of the two streets, “Sundkrogsgade and Containervej”. In this context there had to be build new roads and places for truck parking. The work included demolition of a building, removal of pavings and coating work in the form of soil, road drainage, gravel, curbs and asphalt work. At the same time “By & Havn” the client was building a new pavilion, a new customs fence and a boom barrier. This work was going on at the same time and in close cooperation with this contract.

  • 2.800 m² break-up work
  • 1.700 m³ sub soil work
  • 17 stk. wells
  • 170 m sewerpipes
  • 620 m³ Bottom protection
  • 1.800 m² Base course work
  • 2.900 m² asphalt work
  • 200 m curb
  • 1.000 m road signing

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