Intercepting lines, Gribvand

Bygherre: Gribvand A/S
Entrepriseform: Main contract
Entreprisesum: kr. 2,9 mio.
Anlægsperiode: 2014
Rådgiver: Rambøll A/S



In connection with the decommissioning of Udshold treatment plant a sewer from Udshold WWTP to new pressure line at the edge of Blistrup will be established. There will be established a conduit connected to the pumping station at Udshold WWTP forward to the new pressure line which is established in connection with the decommissioning at Stokkebro WWTP. The contract will be performed as directional underground drilling, however, some of the stretches are excavated.

In addition, the establishment of individual wells on conduitsstrækket.

  • 3.750 m steered boring ø200-250
  • 2 stk. ventilationwells Ø1500PE
  • 2 stk. wells Ø125 PE

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