Gartnerbyen Odense, Site Development

Client: Gartnerbyen P/S & VandCenter Syd
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 29 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2019
Engineer: Niras A/S og Sweco A/S


Development of old industrial plot

The contract deals with the development of the old GASA plot in central Odense for future homes and green areas. Barslund performs several tasks in the area, which include earthworks, piping, paving and concrete work on an area of ​​130,000 m. In addition to excavation and establishment of pipelines, 2,250 meters of roads will be established. Here, large parts of the decomposed material from concrete and bricks from previous buildings and structures in the road installation are recycled.

The pipeline work mainly consists of supply and drainage pipelines on the entire plot area, so that housing construction projects can be opened and prepared on an ongoing basis. The cables consist of PP and BT cables in dimensions up to Ø600.

In addition, an existing ditch was expanded to establish a rainwater basin as well as inlet and outlet structures, establish a transition and reroute of the overflow line from the common system and secure the existing cycle path. Two cycle path ramps were also established from Gartnerbyen to Langesøstien, as well as a new staircase and extension of the ramp made for Odense Light Rail.

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