Expansion of Route 11, Ribe

Client: Vejdirektoratet
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: 56 mio. DKK
Construction period: 2019-2020
Engineer: The Danish Road Directorate



The contract includes expansion of the existing Route 11, which runs through Ribe, as well as the establishment of an extension to the interim bridge over Ribe Å. The project includes earth, drainage, bottom protection, stable gravel, asphalt, car protection, paving and marking work.

The road will be widened from 2 to 4 lanes, as well as a noise barrier and path tunnel, extension of track crossing and wiring, including sewer separation. In addition, the task includes rebuilding signal systems and road lighting.

In connection with the work, a building was demolished. For the supply project new wells were established.

In addition, the underpass of a cycle path was included in the form of a new path tunnel. In this connection, sheet piles were installed while the underpass itself was made of underwater concrete.

Key figures

● 1,750 m³ earthwork
● 28,000 m³ installation of friction filling
● 11,000 m² geotextile membrane
● 100 m wiring work
● 970 m² steel punch
● 14,500 m² demolition work
● 29,500 m³ topsoil work
● 10,670 m³ soft bottom work
● 10,670 m³ friction material
● 30,000 m³ raw earth work
● 20,000 m² grass sowing
● 2,450 lbm sewer lines Ø110-800
● 1,300 lbm wires BT Ø200-1200

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