City Development of Auning

Client: Norddjurs Kommune
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: DDK 6,8 mio.
Construction period: 2017-2018
Engineer: Rambøll A/S



In the city of Auning, Djursland, Barslund is the main contractor of a major City Development project of the city.

Barslund will, among other things, create a new traffic hub that brings together all passing buses and establish a new, open city square. At the corner of Centervej a small city square will be created, which will clarify the beginning of Auning city center for citizens and visitors of the city.

The design of the new urban space is inspired by Auning’s connection to Gl. Estrup. Inspiration from the old manor house has been obtained for coating materials in the form of red bricks and to the inventory, which refers to the story of Gl. Estrup and the genus Scheel’s coat of arms.

The work consists of clearance work, substructures, pipelines and drainage work, concrete and brickwork, lane marking, concrete coating, brick lining, fixtures, lighting and planting.

Key figures
  • 700 m² clearing and removing of planting
  • 1.850 m² clearing and removing of concrete paving
  • 700 m² clearing and removing of pavement
  • 750 lbm. concrete curbs
  • 1.600 m² concrete paving
  • 990 m² coating of bricks
  • 1.300 m² asphalt
  • 9 pcs  inventory: benches/plant bowls
  • 1 pcs round bench
  • 1 pcs toilet building
  • 5 granite bollard
  • 30 m supporting wall
  • 30 m brick wall

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