E4 Ljungby-Toftanäs

Client: Trafikverket
Type of contract: Turnkey
Contract sum: 755 mio. SEK
Construction period: 2018-present



Extension of E4 Ljungby-Toftanäs motorway 

Barslund is carrying out the extension of the E4 Ljungby-Toftanäs motorway. The total distance was 32 km and extends from Kånna in the south to Toftaholm in north. The highway will be expanded from a three-laned highway (13 m width) to a four-laned (22 m width).

28 bridges are going to be affected by the project either by demolition, rebuilding or construction of new bridges.

Key figures

● 520.100 m³ earth shaft for road
● 367.300 m³ filling
● 511.920 m² asphalt break-up
● 352.000 m² milling asphalt
● 149.800 m² removal of forest
● 414.440 m² binderlayer of asphalt concrete
● 738.450 m² wear layer of dense asphalt concrete
● 517.000 m² stable gravel
● 64.000 m wildlife fence
● 2 pieces. pump wells
● 250 pieces. manholes
● 47.200 drain line PP SN8 dim 150-200 mm
● 1.900 PE pipe, pressuere pipe PE100 dim 200 mm

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