Drainage, Richmond-Windsor-Stage 1

Client: Stevns Wastewater
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 13.2 million.
Construction period: 2013-2014
Engineer: MOE A / S



The project dealt with the separation of rainwater and wastewater in Strøby Egede by Køge.
In connection to this there will also be excavated and established a stormwater pool with piling founded and construction work, due to very soft substrate and high grondwater level.
In addition to the contract, a new outfall into the sea will be established. The cord ends at about 150 meters from the shore on at a depth of 2 m.

Key figures
  • 63 pcs.. wells
  • 1,450 m rainwater pipes Ø200-Ø70 bt
  • 500 m sewage pipes
  • 54 pcs.. laterals
  • 150 m pipe lead in to the sea
  • 2,800 m² asphalting
  • 5,000 m³ stormwater

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