Drainage of Sandet By Stage I, II og III

Client: Grab Water A / S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 45.0 million.
Construction period: 2009-2013
Engineer: COWI A / S



Barslund has been incharge of the sewer system of “Sandet By” stage I, II and III which was developed as a pressure loss system. The vast majority of the work was carried out as directional drilling. The enterprise included 886 households. The reason that the new sewer system was established was, among other things, that there were problems with drainage and wastewater pollution in Arresø and that there is a risk of health problems when water is not cleaned properly.

The work was committed in a residential area.

Key figures
  • 56,000 m pe 160 PN 10
  • 41 pcs.. Road pumps
  • 41 pcs.. wells Ø1000mm
  • 866 pcs.. House pumping wells
  • 26,000 m pressure pipes
  • 22,000 m directional drilling

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