Drainage of Lidsøvej Herlev

Client: Herlev Sewer A / S
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 6.0 million.
Construction period: 2009
Engineer: Krüger A / S



In connection with the renovation of an existing wastewater and stormwater system the storm water pipe was upgraded and thereby Climate Change adapted.
The work was performed in an existing residential area with many utility owners, residents and traffic that everyone had to be maintained, and suffer the least inconvenience as possible.

Key figures
  • 220 m bt wire from Ø200 to Ø400
  • 270 m bt wire from Ø400 to Ø500
  • 250 m bt wire from Ø500 to Ø600
  • 170 m bt wire from Ø500 to Ø1000mm
  • 45 m bt wire from Ø500 to Ø1200
  • 28 pcs. replacement of ø1000 to ø1250 wells
  • 15 pcs. road wells
  • 144 pcs. laterals

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