DNU, completion, Skejby

Client: Region of Middle Jutland
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 112.1 million.
Construction period: 2014-2018
Engineer: Counselor DNU



The Finishing touches in connection with the site development of DNU, the New University Hospital in Skejby.
The contract mainly comprises
• excavation of building pits and installation of roads and terrain regulation
• excavation of pipeline trenches for utility lines
• drainage conduits
• construction of new roads, parking lots, etc. incl. new road drainage
• coating and paving work
• traffic regulations
• planting work
• construction, operation and breakup of site roads

Key figures
  • 40,000 m³ topsoil work
  • 375,000 m³ excavation work
  • 30,000 m³ lime stabilization
  • 160,000 m³ bottom protection work
  • 38,000 m³ base gravel work
  • 155.000 m² asphalting
  • 25,000 m curbs
  • 12,500 m² coatings
  • 16,000 m drainage work
  • 500 pcs. wells

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