District Heating, The Lisbjerg Conduit, Århus

Client: AffaldVarme, Århus
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract sum: kr. 73,1 mio.
Construction period: 2014-2016
Engineer: Niras A/S



“AffaldVarme Aarhus” is building a Biomass Plant in Lisbjerg immediately adjacent to the existing waste incinerators. The total heat output from the two cogeneration plants, thereby becomes too large to be distributed by the existing transmission line. The contract therefore includes the establishment of a new 5 km larger pipe in DN 800, which will link the cogeneration plants with the existing transmission lines from Studstrup plant about 5km from the new Biomass plant.

Key figures
  • 500 ton asphalt removal
  • 470 ton restoration of asphalt
  • 45.000 m³ excavation of soil
  • 32.000 ton removal of contaminated soil
  • 15.000 m³ backfilling over conduit
  • 4.000 m² sheet piling
  • 13.000 m cable ducts
  • 4.100 m drain
  • 4.100 m welding of Ø800 DN
  • 14 stk. expansion system
  • 4 stk. shut-down systems
  • 1.650 stk. grundwater lowering
  • 5.000 m pipe cleaning

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