District heating around the main road, Glostrup

Client: Dealer Supply
Type of Contract: Design and Built Contract
Contract sum: kr. 75.0 million.
Construction period: 2013-2014
Engineer: MOE A / S



Establishment of approximately 13.1 km of district heating conduits in the area around the main road in Glostrup, the contract was carried out as a design and build contract with MOE as advisor.
The contract also includes construction of laterals for up to 119 business customers
of varying size, and around the same number of private customers, connecting them to the heating stations. Additionally, there will also be an expansion of the client’s AC stations. A part of the supplyed area covers an area of ​​relatively large business buildings, from which there is great traffic and trade.

Key figures
  • 13,100 m pipe trench
  • 125 pcs. wells
  • 22,800 m² asphalting
  • 1,700 m other conduit work

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