District heating Aarhus Lot 4

Client: AffaldVarme Århus
Type of Contract: Main contract
Contract price: DKK 2,6 mio.
Construction period: 2015
Engineer: Niras A/S



The assignment includes soil and threw the contract for renovation of existing district heating networks for AffaldVarme Aarhus by Jens Juul Road. The contract comprises approximately 1,000 m mainline trenches carried out in pre-insulated single pipe steel pipe from DN100 to DN250. In addition performed 24 laterals in aluflextra as connected to the existing plant.

Key figures

● 1,500 m³ subsoil work
● 800 m³ sand filling
● 450 m³ subbase work
● 300 m³ base work
● 2,500 m² asphalt work
● 1,000 m district heating mains, size140-355 mm
● 700 m laterals
● 24 pcs. inserting the plug

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